GTA: San Andreas Zombie Alarm Mod

Game mod that turns the setting into a zombie apocalypse


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  • Category Various Utilities
  • License Free
  • Size 11.27 MB
  • Works under Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows 2003 / Windows XP / Windows 2000
  • Language English
  • Program by Armin Mayer

The GTA San Andreas Zombie alarm mod is awesome. If you're into zombie games like Dead Rising, you'll love this mod. Injecting a 3D game like GTA San Andreas with zombies is something unique that has to be experienced, whether you’re still into Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas or if you’re getting bored of it.

With this mod you still play Carl Johnson who recently returned to Los Santos after five years away. All the stuff about getting Carl’s reputation back and improving his gang’s influence on the streets is lost with this mod. But you’ve still got the same large scale playing area made up of three cities and loads of countryside for the undead to attack you in. The free roaming sandbox world really lends itself to zombie action and you often find yourself on the streets overrun with the undead.

A lot of the stuff that’s a little frustrating with GTA: San Andreas goes out of the window when you’re trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. You probably won’t be racing cars in the countryside in this version of the game and you won’t have time to build up Carl’s lungs with air for swimming (which takes way too long in the standard game).

If you’re tired of playing GTA: San Andreas or you’ve had enough of all the mods that give you more cars, new maps, custom missions and other mods, you should take a look at this, even if zombies aren’t your thing. The added tension levels attached to zombie games come into play here because the enemy is relentless. They’re also pretty creepy but given the sunny backdrop of the game, you won’t find this frightening at all.

There are loads of different types of zombie in this game. We will give you an idea of just a few of them. Pedestrians are one of the main ones in the game but Rednecks will get your attention. The bald, shirtless redneck should be looked out for as he’s thought to be Leatherface (also known as the Chainsaw Killer and as the Panopticon Killer). You’ll also find alien creatures that look like zombie-crabs throughout this game.

You won’t just find the zombies in the city, there are some in the countryside too. Look out for the Zombotech Corporation building. You’ll find it near downtown San Fierro. These guys are working with zombie DNA as the sign outside makes clear: “Zombotech Sinister Zombie Virus Research Corporation Welcomes Visitors!”

If you want to have some fun with pedestrians in this game, lure one into Pay'N'Spray while a car is getting sprayed. The pedestrian will have no health but will keep on walking even when his HP reaches 0.

Downloading the game’s pretty easy. It will come as a .ZIP with 2 files. One has the zombie stuff, the other has all the scripts you will need to get them into the game. Something that’s worth bearing in mind is that if you have other scripts running in the background, you might encounter one or two problems when trying to use the GTA: San Andreas Zombie Alarm Mod.


  • Massive world to explore with zombies all around
  • Adding zombies to GTA is awesome fun


  • Using with other scripts can cause errors
  • Looks too complicated at first glance
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